All international nurses , doctors and other health professionals are issued  a biometric residence permit (BRP) which holds your biographic details (name, date and place of birth), your ‘biometric information’ (fingerprints and digital facial image), and shows your immigration status and your entitlements while you are in the UK.

You are issued a BRP automatically when you apply for a visa or immigration. A sticker or vignette, valid for 30 days, is issued in passports, allowing enough time to travel to the UK. On arrival, you will have ten days to collect your BRP from a post office branch, as specified in your decision letter.

As part of recruitment practice in the NHS, verification of identity checks are used to determine that an identity is genuine and that it belongs to the individual presenting it.

BRP cards can be used to verify identity and complete this check.

Individuals may also choose to use their BRP card to sign up to the Home Office’s online portal to share their right to work with an employer. Through this service an individual can generate a share code to send to employers to prove their immigration status.

To apply for a biometric residence permit, you will be required to provide biometric information (fingerprints and digital facial image), which are checked against existing records and then stored on the UKVI system and on the microchip biometric card.

If you are applying for a BRP from the UK, you can enrol your biometric information:

  • by appointment at one of the UKVI’s premium service centres or biometric enrolment centres
  • at a number of post offices nationwide which offer a walk-in-service without the need to book an appointment

Further information about biometric residence permits is available on the website.

Where can I find information specific to my profession?

We have developed information unique to specific healthcare professionals from overseas: