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We provide a ONE STOP Consultancy service for Overseas Medical Professionals that want to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

Our Consultants will guide you through the whole process.

If you are serious about starting a new life in the United Kingdom, it’s best to get professional help. We are here to help you navigate the the various problems that you may face along the way.

We specialise in helping:
Health Care Professionals

Medical Recruitment UK

Immigrating can be a daunting task, below are just some of the questions you will be asking yourself:

What is the process?
What is the Timescale for immigrating?
Which Professional Organisation do I register with?
What qualifications do I need?
How do I find a Sponsor?
What benefits can my sponsor offer?
What are the costs?
What are the costs of Living in the UK?
Which Locations are best to live in the UK?
How much will I earn?
How do I apply for a VISA?
Can I bring my dependants?
What is the UK Occupation shortlist?

Our solution is simple

We will allocate an experienced Consultant that will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

They will guide you through the 4 main stages of the process.

1. Register with your Professional Organisation
2. Ensure you meet your Professional Organisation’s English requirements.
3. Find a 3-year sponsorship with an NHS Trust.
4. Apply for a tier 2 Visa

Our consultants have years of experience in Indoukcollaboration.

They are there to provide you with all the answers that to need, to make an informed decision on whether Immigrating is right for you.

Once you have made the commitment to immigrate, we will draw up a personalized Plan of Action to take you through the 4 stages of Immigration.

Please contact us if you need further information.

Book a no obligation consultation.

Submit your CV.

Overseas Doctors

Relocate to the UK with a trusted recruitment agency
We understand that moving to the UK to progress your medical career is a life changing experience, and can be stressful, but it also offers an enormous amount of potential for you and your family. And we’re here to make the move as stress free and simple as possible!

We’re firm believers in the importance of a good work life balance. So when we talk through your requirements with you, we’re not interested in just finding you any doctor job in the UK, we make sure we get to know you, to understand your personal and family aspirations, to make sure we find the right role in the right location for you and your family.

Through our global network of leading recruitment agencies, all fully vetted and compliant with our strict UK procedures, you can be sure the process will take the pain out of relocating, leaving you to focus on your family and preparing for your new life.

Our relocation service

We work in a consultative way to understand your career and life goals, to find roles in the right hospital and location for you and your family.

Once you have accepted a role, we manage the Medical Registration and Visa application process, and support you (and your family) with the relocation itself.

Overseas Nurses

Indo uk collaboration UK offers healthcare recruitment solutions for private clients and NHS. We operate globally sourcing quality candidates to meet your specifacations. Working with Agencies within and outside the EU allows us to offer tailor made packages to meet all your staffing needs.We place allied

professionals, nurses, midwives and physicians who want to be employed in the UK, Ireland and Scotland

Information for nurses and midwives who trained outside the EU or EEA
If you have trained outside the EU/EEA and are applying to register as a nurse or

midwife in the UK, you will need to meet all the full criteria requirements before you are registered to practice in the UK.

You can read more here about Registering as a nurse or midwife in the UK for applicants trained outside the EU and EEA.

To check whether you are capable of practicing safely and effectively in the UK, we will assess your qualification, training and experience against NMC standards. We will consider whether you have the necessary post-qualifying practice and experience in each area of nursing or midwifery. This must be appropriate for the job role that you are applying for.

Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Jobs As part of the UK’s fastest growing healthcare recruitment agency, our dedicated specialist AHP recruitment team cover Allied Health Professional jobs nationwide, across a large portfolio of both private and NHS clients.

Why choose indo uk collaboration for your next Allied Health Professional role?

Competitive rates of pay Flexible hours offered Wide range of roles and clients available to suit your needs Offices nationwide Single point of contact Out of hours support Proactive approach

Over 5 years experience recruiting AHPsvv

We specialize in placing AHP jobs for:


Occupational Therapists




Speech & Language Therapists


We also place highly qualified Health

Care Science staff including

Biomedical Scientists and Cardiac