Nothing compares to the excitement you feel when you are offered an overseas nursing job in the UK NHS. While you are elated to move to the UK, you can’t wait to take your family there as well. Since you are a Tier 2 visa holder, you can take your dependents along with you to the UK. Here’s everything you need to know about a skilled worker health and care dependent visa.

Who can apply for a health and care-dependent visa?

Those applying for a Tier 2 visa are eligible to bring their dependents. However, not everyone qualifies as a dependent. Mentioned below are the individuals that qualify as a dependant:

  1. Spouse
  2. Unmarried partner
  3. The child is under the age of 18 at the date of application
  4. Children over the age of 18 if they are currently in the UK as a dependant

What is the financial requirement?

When applying for a health and care dependent visa or any visa for that matter, you are required to show financial proof as a requirement. You will need to have at least £285 for your spouse/partner, £315 for the first child and £200 for each added kid. These funds need to be available in your bank account 30 days before applying for a dependent visa. But here’s the thing, if your hospital offers you and your family  confirmation of maintenance also known as a NHS Letter of Maintenance, you won’t have to provide any evidence of funds.

What is the process of applying for a Health and Care Dependent Visa?

You will need to apply for dependent visas online. Fill out and submit the applications. Once your applications are accepted, you will need to book appointments at the local visa application centre. Here your dependents will need to get their fingerprints and photographs taken for their biometric residence permits. The biometric residence permits need to be collected within 30 days of arriving in the UK.

How long can the dependent stay in the UK?

The dependent visa of your spouse/partner will expire on the same date as yours. In case you have been granted settlement, the dependent visa will expire within 3 years from the date of approval. The same goes for a dependent child.

Can your dependents work on a dependent visa?

Yes, dependent visa holders can work freely in the UK. But not as nursing professionals. To work as nursing professionals, they have to apply for their own skilled worker visas.

Applying for dependent visas can be somewhat confusing. No need to worry, Global Nurse Force can help your family members secure their visas to join you in the UK.

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