Congratulations on receiving your NHS offer letter! Wait, but what do you do next? Well, there are a few processes and a list of documents required. Continue reading to know everything about the next steps after receiving the NHS offer letter.

First of all, read through your offer letter and sign it. If you have completed the CBT exam and your NMC profile is showing that you are OSCE ready, the next step would be to apply for your CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) from the hospital. For the hospital to provide you a CoS, they will require a few documents. Before we dive into the list of documents, let’s understand what a CoS is (Certificate of Sponsorship).

A CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) is a digital certificate or reference number provided to healthcare workers who want to live and work in the UK. There are two types of CoS — Restricted and Unrestricted. Unrestricted CoS applies when a job is in the shortage occupation list. Since all nursing jobs in the UK are on the shortage list, employers can apply for unrestricted COS when they sponsor international nurses. However, irrespective of the type of CoS, your NHS Trust will ask you to submit certain documents before they can issue you your CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship).

Passport: A copy of your current passport will be required.

Proof of Address: You will need to submit at least two proof of address documents. Whichever documents you submit, ensure it has your full name, address and is dated at least within 3 months.

References: The NHS Trust will require a minimum of two references covering your last 3 years of the employment. So have your references ready and keep them informed.

NMC Test of Competence: Test of competence Initiation email from NMC, CBT pass proof and NMC Process completed screenshot showing OSCE is outstanding

Police Clearance Certificate: If you have stayed in a country for 12 months or longer in the past 10 years, you will have to submit a police clearance certificate. Note, you will also have to submit this when applying for Tier 2 dependents above the age of 18.

Once you submit all these documents and your CoS is issued with all your correct information, the next step is to apply for your Health and Care Worker Visa. To apply for your visa, you will need to submit another set of documents.

Your valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): You have exactly three months to apply for your visa from the date your CoS is issued. However, you should arrive in the UK on the date informed by your NHS Trust.

Police Clearance Certificate: You will have to provide a police clearance certificate from any country you have stayed in for a year or more after the age of 18.

NMC Test of Competence: Test of competence Initiation email from NMC, CBT pass proof and NMC Process completed screenshot (Showing OSCE ready)

Proof of English Knowledge: You can validate this information with the help of an OET or IELTS certificate

Tuberculosis Test Clearance Certificate: A few countries require you to be tested to enter the UK. If your country is listed, you will need to get tested at a clinic that is approved by the Home Office.

Once you complete both these processes, you will be required to select a date to attend your local biometrics appointment. After your biometrics are completed, you will receive your visa. Now you can pack your bags and get ready to fly to the UK.

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