Have you been contemplating a nursing career in the UK, but not sure if it is the right move?

Well, the thought of moving to a new country is always scary. You are going to live in a new land miles away from your family and friends. It’s natural for you to be apprehensive about moving to the UK. But here’s the thing; it is one of the best countries for nurses to work and live in. Here are the top 5 benefits of working as a nurse in the UK.

Job Security

Registered Nurses are the backbone of the NHS. As the population of the country grows, and nurses retire or leave the profession every year, there is always a need for new nurses in the UK. It is impossible to imagine hospitals functioning without them. That is why you don’t have to worry about losing your job because when you choose a nursing career in the UK within the NHS, you will get 100% job security.

Competitive Salary

Within the NHS, each nurse receives a salary according to their skills, abilities and work responsibilities. If you choose to pursue a nursing career in the UK, rest assured, you will be financially secure. Nurses just starting their careers receive a minimum salary of £24K a year. You will also receive a generous pension scheme and a variety of discounts including transport, accommodation and children’s education.

Wide Range of Career Options

The best part about working as a nurse in the UK is that there are many specialities you can pursue. Below are just a few of them.

Flexible Working Schedule

The NHS focuses on providing skilled nurses with a range of flexible working policies, which include part-time, voluntary, flexi-time and more. That’s not all, you also have the option of working the usual 9-5 shift, rotational or night shifts. This way, you can focus on work as well as your family. You get the perfect work-life balance and can give your family proper time.

Continuous Learning

Lastly, the high-quality healthcare standards of the NHS are maintained through training, development and support. As part of the NHS, you are entitled to an annual personal development review and plan to support your professional goals. You will have access to a range of training courses, which will allow you to learn and pick up new skills as your career progresses. This way, you will continue to learn and grow in your career as a nurse in the UK.

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