How to Successfully Prepare for NHS Nursing Interviews?

How often have you walked into an interview feeling terrified? Well, you are not alone. Interviews can be nerve-racking and the NHS nursing interview is no exception. You can give the wrong answers, even though you know the right answers. Multiple things can go wrong. But the truth is, if you are well prepared for […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Working as a Nurse in the UK?

Have you been contemplating a nursing career in the UK, but not sure if it is the right move? Well, the thought of moving to a new country is always scary. You are going to live in a new land miles away from your family and friends. It’s natural for you to be apprehensive about moving […]

5 Steps to Apply for a Tier 2 Visa

Congratulations on getting the NHS nursing job you’ve always dreamed of. Finding the right job is never easy, and when it is an overseas nursing job, it is all the more difficult. But it isn’t impossible! Now that you have got your dream nursing job, you want to make sure everything is on track to land in […]

A Guide to Live and Work in Manchester for Nurses

Manchester is the second-largest city in the United Kingdom with a population of around 2.68 million. It is ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK right now. Below is a guide for nurses looking to move to Manchester. Is it a good place to live? Manchester is a bustling and […]

Understanding the NHS Nursing Banding System

The NHS nursing banding system was created to ensure a clear system for nursing pay. Below is a description of NHS Pay Bands for newly qualified nurses up to highly experienced nursing consultants. Within each band, different levels of pay are on offer based on experience. Nurses can move up the scale through work experience […]

Here’s How to Prepare References for an NHS Application

The NHS (National Health Service) is the largest employer in the UK employing nursing professionals from all over the world. If you are looking to pursue a nursing job in the UK, you will definitely need to have relevant and up to date references. Continue reading to find out why proper references are crucial to secure […]

Tips for writing a medical CV for the NHS

When it comes to applying for a nursing job in the UK and securing a place within the NHS, the first step is to have an up-to-date CV on hand. Putting together a nursing CV for the NHS can be confusing. What should you mention on your CV? What should the structure be like? Continue reading for […]

Here’s what you should do after receiving the NHS offer letter

Congratulations on receiving your NHS offer letter! Wait, but what do you do next? Well, there are a few processes and a list of documents required. Continue reading to know everything about the next steps after receiving the NHS offer letter. First of all, read through your offer letter and sign it. If you have […]

How to Become a theatre nurse in the UK

Do you already have a successful nursing career but are interested in becoming a theatre nurse in the UK? This blog is for you. Theatre nurses or preoperative nurses typically work in operation theatres assisting doctors during surgery. They also provide care and support to patients of all age groups before and after the surgical […]